Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Kombe Chronicales Part 1

Kombe is a ten year old with the curiousity of epic adventures. Armed with his sling slot and dreams, he roams the dirt paths of Kayafungo looking for the unknown. He braves the brush and shrubs in search of creatures. If unearthed he befriends them as his new found pet, others may see this action as imprisonment but either way Kombe is appeased.

His most recent adventure brought him to Harriet the hummingbird. Harriet made her home in a lemon tree behind Kombe's hut. Kombe was out slinging rocks at chickens and goats when one of his arsenal went ary. The pellet flew into the lemon tree and stunned a very suprised Harriet. Harriet fell out of her nest with a soft thud. Kombe rushed to her aid. He was relieved when he discovered Harriet was well, scared, but overall just fine. Kombe scooped her in his calloused hands to place her back in her nest. As he was gently laying her in her home, Kombe discovered Harriet was a Mama. Mama Harriet had three small turquoise eggs in her cozy nest. After Kombe's rush of excitment and small high giggle sounded, he placed Harriet in her nest then plucked the whole thing out of the lemon tree. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him into his hut.

Kombe raced around inside trying to find a suitable resting place for Mama Harriet and her eggs. He placed her in a kanga that he has folded into a circluar ring, a nest for the nest. Then rushed over to his mother's sewing kit. Kombe withdrew a small silver needle and spool of brown thread, what his mother mends his school uniform with, and raced back to Mama Harriet.

Upon reaching Mama Harriet, kombe saw she was coming backaround and he needed to work quickly. He took hold of Mama Harriet by the wings and set to work. Kombe quickly and efficiently threaded Mama Harriets left leg to the small nest with her eggs in it. After his work he perched Mama Harriet over her babies and said good night.

The next morning Kombe checked his new pet. He saw that Mama Harriet was fairing well and was in the same position as the night before. Kombe left for school in his brown shorts and bright blue school uniform with satisfaction his new pet would be waiting for his return.

While Kombe was learning his 1,2,3s Mama Harriet was trying to break free from her prison. She needed to hunt so she would be able to feed her newborns as they were due to hatch any time. Mama Harriet tried and tried and flapped her wings with such force she was creating small dust swirls around her captive nest. Mama Kombe while taking chai heard this camotion in the corner and went to investigate. Armed with her palm branch broom she quietly approached the corner prepared to eliminate any vermon she discovered. To her great suprise she found Mama Harriet! Mama Kombe scooped up the nest, tore the string free from Mama Harriets leg, with her broad skilled hands and set her free. Mama Harriet dove and circled around Mama Kombes head in skillful aircraft tactics. Mama Kombe recognized this maternal instinct of protrcting the eggs from danger, and softly and slowly took the nest to the maurubine tree just near the lemon tree. Mama Harriet followed Mama Kombe back to the house before resting on her new perch.

Mama Kombe waited all day for Kombe to come home. Kombe rushed into the house as dusk approached, coming from school hastily instead of his usual slow tempo. The door burst open to the house and he went straight to the corner he placed Mama Harriet in. Mama Kombe watched her son from the doorway to the kitchen, she slowly stirred the pot containing dinner, as she saw the look of horror and sadness roll over Kombe's face. Kombe screamed and demanded to know where Mama Harriet was. Mama Kombe calmly replied she has no idea about what he was referring to. Kombe let out a mournful wail, tears leaking down, and staggered outside to check the lemon tree. To his great sadness, Mama Harriet was not there.

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